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Start a blog Today

How to start a blog Today: The Ultimate Guide

Today you can search the web and see a number of posts relating to how to start a blog. This is the main headache for the bloggers as they cannot think of a topic with which they can create a blog. Searching on the web, we can find a number of websites on how to start, but these do not contain the adequate information that allow the  user to start a blog. I have been asked many a times by people on how to create a blog or with which topic should I start my blog.

This guide will help you to start a blog in a right way if have already decided to make one. It will help you creating the blog, make a perfect blog and how to earn from adsense. This guide will make you understand the consequences step by step.

How to start a blog:

Choosing the Right topic:

This is the most important part of your website as you have to think a topic on which you have to write a blog. Don't just write about anything you don't know about. Write about a topic you are passionate and capable of. Writing about a topic that you do not know, will not make your blog helpful and popular among the users. Try to write something that you are most fond of and will make the users attract to your blog.

REMEMBER: Just writing doesn't make your blog successful.

Your blog needs to be remarkable.

Your ideas should reach to the people and should be useful. You should not start a topic with which other had a profit and you also want to continue on that topic and earn high profits.Also try to make a blog that is going to be popular.Try to post as many articles you can relating to your blog to make your content helpful and useful to others.

 Make a list of topics that you have a) experience in, b) an interest in and c) think you could be good at writing about.

Review your list of topics against your goals and criteria. Eliminate those which don’t match.

Picking up a Domain Name:

Now that you have created a blog, it is time to publish your blog with a great Domain Name.The domain name is the most important criteria about your website's identity on the web. Spend more time on finding the best domain for your blog. Having your own domain name is desirable for many bloggers for numerous reasons. For a start if you’re wanting to build credibility and a sense of professionalism around your blog a domain that reflects this can help. Similarly a carefully selected domain name has the ability to enhance the branding of a product, service, business or even person. Domain purchases give the added bonus of email addresses with the same domain (adding to both professionalism and branding) and can enhance your Search Engine Ranking.

Brainstorm  a few domain names in your mind and choose the one that is unique from others and short.Your domain name needs to be easily memorable among the people.

  • Choose short and unique domain name.
  • Make use of short keywords if possible like this site have.
  • Make your domain name easily memorable.
  • Do not use hyphens (-) in your domain name as far as possible.
  • Make domain easily to remember. It’ll make blog better. This is also useful for branding your blog.

Make sure the name is available on other social media sites. Let's say you are planning to open a sports related blog or is not a great idea.Why so?

People may not be able to remember these domains and when they try to return they are most probably have forgotten your domain name. It's always much better when you choose something memorable and is easy, such as or, any sort of that kind that is easy for the user t understand and memorize.

Make sure you pick a perfect name for your blog that is easily memorized by the people.

Don’t change your domain later. It’ll surely screw your blog. You can search for available domain names and register them with You could get a domain name for as low as $10-$15. Not a big deal. Godaddy also provides discount coupons. 

Here are a few sites that will help you choose the best domain name:

Get Blog Hosting:
Once you think that you have chosen the best domain, then you need to get blog hosting software that can put your blog on the internet and build your blog using the software provided by them. In the past few years that have passed by while I have been creating and managing blogs, I have found out that there are only a few blog hosting companies on which one can rely upon.

Today one can find a lot of hosting companies that do a lot of promises while signing up but at the end fail to deliver.

It is highly important that you remain cautious about choosing cheap hosting services. Blogger By Google is today's one of the most popular platform to create a blog. Millions of users today use Blogger if they intend to create a blog.. There are several hosting that provide you with video tutorials to make you understand about how to start a blog. Bluehost is a great web hosting service and we can host our blog hare for as low as $3.95 per month.

They have an excellent for for the following:
No downtimes.
No issues like slow loading or anything else.
Unlimited Disk space 
Unlimited Bandwidth
Bluehost is cheaper and also provides a free domain registration.

Build your blog:
After you have signed up for web hosting, you can start building your website from the software provided by the company. By using the software provided,you can save many hours on learning how to make a blog.All you have to do is just click a few buttons and write some content and your blog will be created in minutes.
Your content should be unique and helpful for the users who visit your site. Add pictures, content, videos to your blog to make it interesting. '

Use Blogger: 
Signing up with blogger is really easy. You just have to make an account on and then through blogger, just provide that email and password that you created on gmail. Now that you have signed in blogger, Click on New Post and choose the best themes that will suit your blog. Try to get a catchy theme so that when anyone visits your site once is not able to forget it later on.

You can choose a custom domain or get the free domain from blogger with the abbreviation of Its is free of cost and you do not have to pay for anything.

Write Your First Post:
Click on the Posts tab on the extreme left on the dashboard.
Click 'Add New Post' and you will see a blank page for your first post. Enter the title for your first blog and start writing in the blank space to create tour first post of the blog.As this is your first blog, you can write something about yourself, your blog and purpose of this.

After you have finished writing in the blank space and are overdone, click on the Publish button and your blog will be published.

You can then view your blog by clicking on "view blog" option. Later on, you can also add several posts relating to your blog.

WOW! You have created your first ever post on your very self-hosted blogger blog.

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