Wednesday, 25 September 2013



Installing windows on your PC is a relatively simple and easy task.
But many of us find it really difficult. Some of us may do not have the adequate information on how to do it or others may be afraid that if they wrong somewhere, all their important data would be lost.

So today in this guide, I will explain you the most easy steps on how you can easily install windows on your PC without loosing your data.

a) Before starting, I would like you to backup all your data so that none of the important files get lost.
b) Insert your CD/DVD in the computer.
c) As the autoplay window is displayed on your screen, Click on INSTALL WINDOWS option.

d) Setup will start and copy the necessary files.
e) On the next window you will be asked whether you want to download the latest updates for installing. Choose if you want to. Otherwise don't select the option and click on the next button.
f)  In the next window, you will be asked to for the following:
    language to install:
   Time and currency format:
    Keyboard or Input method:
g)Choose the necessary options and click on the NEXT button.
h)The Microsoft Software License terms windows will be displayed.
    Click on" I accept the license terms" and click on NEXT.
i)Now you have the option whether you want to upgrade your windows or whether you want to use CUSTOM INSTALLATION method.
j) If you choose custom installation option, you will be directed in which drive you want to install windows. 
Note: All you data would be lost or it would be moved to a folder named windows.old. So if you want to do a custom installation, then surely backup your data.
k) Click on next button.

l) If you want to simply upgrade, click on the next button.
m) Setup will start. Wait for a few minutes. Don't shut down your computer at all. 
n) After windows would be installed, you will be required to enter a username. Then click on Next.
o)Type in a password for your computer(if required) and click next.
p) The install Product key windows will be displayed. Enter your 25 character product key and click on next.
q) Set up the update option according to your need and click on next. Select the date and time format and click on next.
r) Select your internet settings and click on next.
t) Enjoy the new experience.

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