Monday, 30 September 2013

Why Your Blog Posts Were Not Shared And Commented

Why Your Blog Posts Were Not Shared And Commented??

There are many bloggers today who blog on various things such as technology, latest gadgets, study material, songs, and many other things. But many of their blogs are never commented by everyone or never shared by anyone on other sites. They become depressed.There are a lot many reasons why this could have happened. But not to worry. In this guide, I will explain you some
of the most important reasons and tricks through which this task can be easily accomplished.

1.Article is not unique and quality contents:

The main reason why your blog posts were not shared and commented could be that you have not posted quality content. This could be that you might have copied and pasted from other website or, you would have not provided the adequate information for which the user might have searched your blog.

You can again modify your website with rich quality contents giving the user the adequate information he requires, and this way your posts would be loved , commented , and shared by all who tries to visit your website ever. People love to read articles going on day to day life, and especially educational ones which are searched for the most. During exam times, children usually surf the net for the sample papers and if they like that you have posted articles or papers related to them, they might usually like your site and comment on it. They might also share the valuable articles with their friends, family members, etc.

Posting articles of great quality and high content, your site would be easily shared and commented by all.

2.Less Social Media Attraction: 

The other reason might be that you have a very poor social media strategy. You would not be sharing any of your articles on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Sharing articles on these sites is a must as they are the best source of traffic and as traffic increases, you get more shares and likes for your website.

This is like a business. Anyone with less traffic to your site, less benefit and anyone with a huge traffic, his benefit is more.

So, the more you share on social media websites, the more is the traffic you'll get and ultimately more comments and shares.

3.No Private Relationships:

Engaging yourself in private relationships is a brilliant thing for your blog. The more relations you have, the more you'll succeed in getting comments to your articles.

Private relations in way means that you have contact with other bloggers and especially the ones that are most visited. If your relations with big bloggers whose websites are frequently visited by people, then it's a bonus for you. You can insist them to put one of your articles or ask them to share your website on their blogs as through it, you will have some traffic and if liked by people, your site would be shared.

Sometimes, many bloggers take money to share your website. But this can sometimes be very costly and inflicting. But you can still urge them to put your blog. You can also apply for your website on Google.

Therefore, engaging yourselves within private relations with other bloggers can easily help you and make people visit your site frequently.

4.Share Unattractive Posts:

Another reason for this problem may be that you don't post articles what people are finding or what they like to read. You might have not put articles that people are searching these days or which make them fascinating. 

Always before making a website, first think on which topic you have the most knowledge and what you are passionate about. Keep in mind what all topics are famous these days so that people frequently visit your blog.

You should also post comments on various other websites and try to leave a link of your website so that the people reading the comments can come to know about your website and visit it. Commenting on blogs is also one of the best things as people can come to know to about your site and also help you in making your site better.

By following these reasons, you will definitely be able to increase the popularity of your site and the comments will also grow sooner.

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