Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Adsense Approval

Get Your Adsense Account approved easily:

Getting adsense approved is a kind of dream come true for bloggers today. We all need money, and we all bloggers are not exceptional in that part. But in recent years, Adsense has become very strict and it is really difficult for bloggers to get approved by adsense. But  this is also not a task that cannot be done. By applying a proper theory or a technique, you can say, one can get adsense approved
easily. You can also read the guidelines given by Google here.
But you don't need to worry at all. If you have a decent website with a lot of traffic , then you can get your adsense account approved easily.

In this guide I will explain you some of the most important tips through which your adsense account can be approved easily:

High Quality Content:

Content is king in getting adsense approved. The more high quality and useful content you post, the more chances of yours for getting approved by adsense increases. If your blog provides extremely exceptional content, then your blog might get approved in the first attempt itself. 

Never copy and paste content from somebody's else website as then your content will not be unique. Adsense approves only those websites who provide unique and high-quality content. Try to make your content unique. This can be done through the fact if you add some new articles that are not yet published on the web.Try to post each and every article of yours different from others. The more your content is unique and helpful, the less time it will take for adsense in getting your account approved for sure.

According to Google's Terms and policy, Your words should 500-600 or more. Don't put more of videos, pictures or animations in your blog as it is hated by Google. Don't write illegal articles or about hacking, pornography, cracking or don't link your site to other illegal sites. Google focuses more on the content of a site. Try to make as many posts as you can such as 50-60 posts.

Custom Domain:

You should go for a custom domain and not a subdomain. If you can't afford a custom domain, you can also go for a subdomain as it really doesn't matter much.

But if you go for a custom domain rather than a subdomain it is much better as it is also helpful for the users to remember your site's name more efficiently. 

Using a custom domain will also help you to get your account approved easily. You can get a domain for as low as $5-$10 easily.
Try getting a custom domain and increase your sites's traffic.

Domain Age:

This is the most important task of your website. Previously, you could easily get your adsense account approved easily as soon as your website is published. But as Google has become more strict, domain age is considered an important factor in getting your account approved.

If you have a decent website with a lot of traffic, then your website might get approved within a period of 3 months but if  your website is still growing or you are not getting adequate traffic then you have to wait at least 6 months which is quite a long duration for a blogger. So the best way is to make a useful website and try to get as many traffic as you can. In order to get approved easily, your site should get 500-600 page views daily. 

If you are a member of US, Canada, Or any other European country, then you don't have to wait a lot. You can get your account approved easily within a month also.

Site Design:

Your site should be a professional one so that adsense can easily put ads on your website. If your website doesn't have a good design which is up to the mark, the chances of getting approved are less.
Try to add more posts, and work on the background. Choose a kind of background that best suits your website. 

You can also add pictures in the background to create a professional look. The more your site look fabulous the early you get approved.


Traffic is the main aspect of getting approved. If you have a decent website but traffic is very less, then you definitely can't be approved.

It is recommended that you should get 500-600 unique visitors daily and have at least 1000 page views daily. If you have more traffic from US and Canada, then its a plus point. Try to get at least 60% traffic from search engines, especially Google. The more traffic you get, the early you are approved. Get as many people visit your site daily. 

Number of Posts:

Normally, before applying, you should have a minimum of 30-50 posts in your blog to enhance your blog's productivity. The number of posts you add, the best are the chances of getting approved. But try to add posts somewhere around 50-100. Google immediately gets you approved if you have a lot of posts and the content is useful. 

Posts should be related to your blog and should be interesting that makes the users navigate your blog each time they search the web.

Privacy Policy Page and Contact Us Page:

According to Google Adsense terms and conditions you must have a privacy policy page and a contact us page. Without these pages, you're surely not getting approved. 

Try to add your email address or a forum so that people can advice you about how you can improve your site and which topic they want to navigate or search. Write your age as 18 years or above. If you don't do this, you can never ever get approved

Hope the above guidelines will help you in getting your adsense approved as these are the best ways of getting approved for adsense. Don't forget these ideas and try and you will surely get your adsense approved.

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