Saturday, 12 October 2013

Get Traffic From Search Engines

Daily some or the other new technique are invented and people try many ways to increase their blog'd traffic. Some usually achieve and many of them fail to get a desired traffic and hence leave the web community. It is very essential to get a good ranking on SERP(Search Engine Results
Page). It is the  most common means to drive traffic to your website. So today we are going to share with you some of the best techniques that would really help.

Keywords always matter a lot in SERP of Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others. Before writing a post, you must be ware of the article or content you will write about and then choose a suitable keyword. You must also choose a keyword in accordance to what people will search on the web.If you have a written about a topic and the people are searching that only, and if you keyword doesn't match, then you relatively fail. So your keyword should be short, attractive and useful so that if anyone searches about an article and if your site contains the required content, your site is immediately displayed and as persons increase, your traffic gradually increases and so your position gets better on SERP.

As always said by everyone, content is king. The better content you have published on your blog, the best outcomes you have. Other aspects on a site do not matter much as compared to content. If your content is relatively good but you do not have a proper designing in you website, it doesn't matter much. The better content you provide on your website, the more number of people will visit your site. Always try to make sure that your site is unique, and that you haven't copy and pasted content from someone else's website and pasted in yours. This is not allowed by Google and your traffic will always decrease instead of increasing. Once you get caught, you will be banned and then its really hard to get rid out of it. Good quality content enhances  the relevance and authority of a site and increases its popularity in that particular niche. Try and post as much best and unique content as you can, because that relatively increases persons visiting your site frequently and increasing your traffic.

Good designs usually interest people. A site having a brilliant design always do not achieve in winning the hearts of the people. Google always consider sites that has a well defined navigation system. A site with a well defined navigation system is usually accepted by Google and also helps the reader to find each and every article of yours. If you website has a good design, the also it might sometimes work. But with that, you must have a  proper navigation system and quality content that forces the readers to stay on your blog every moment. When choosing a design for your site, it should always be in accordance withe the content you are writing. If you are writing about sports and  set a background related to tourism, then that doesn't work.

Be simple, have a good navigation system, and put as much unique and quality content as you can as these are the most important factors.   

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