Friday, 4 October 2013

Make Money With Clixsense

Many people or bloggers you can say, join the web so that they can earn some money. Some do really well in this profession while others do not have such a fortune to earn and ultimately result in leaving the web. Most of us try for Google Adsense and if we fail, then we become disturbed and then leave the web.

In my previous article I told you about how you can earn with Infolinks. There are many other options you can opt for achieving the same, but they are not as good. CLIXSENSE is one of the best options for earning money as they you PTC (Paid To Click) Advertising. Anyone who clicks you ads, you will be rewarded by earning a few cents or sometimes even a dollar. There is also a great way of earning money by referring people. When someone signs upto Clixsense using your referral link, they become a part of your downline. This means that you can also a earn a commission from a percentage of what people in your downline earns.

Getting Started:

Log on to and sign up. Fill in the required details and choose a username and a password. 

Now login with your username and password.
Next you just need to view ads and earn.

Clixsense offers two types of membership. One for the free users and one for paid users. 

  • Standard Members 

  • Premium Members-only $17/year+

Clixsense makes possible for you to upgrade one or more of your referrals. If you decide to upgrade a referral of yours, simply pick his/her username, and upgrade his/her account for only $15. In this case, you will not receive the $2 commission for your referrals upgrade, for this reason the price is $2 lower. 

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