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Increase Your Website Traffic

Powerful Ways To Increase Website Traffic:

Some stuff on the internet is worth reading and is mostly crap. You can come across various websites that let you know how to increase website traffic, but these are worth reading. They do not provide the user with adequate information that can help them to achieve the target. 

So today, in this guide, I will explain some of the most important factors or ways that can really boost your website's traffic.

Just follow these simple steps and within a few days you're done having a ton traffic on your website.

What is website traffic?

It refers to the number of people who visit your site daily. If you have more number of people visiting your website, your website traffic increases and fortunately your site's ranking also increases. If you do not seem to worthy traffic on your website, then your site isn't a good one.

So just follow these steps so that you could get tons of traffic to your website.

1. Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy:

Social Media is the major weapon of a blogger that makes his blog popular among the web. The more you tweet, post about your blog on social networking site, the more the number of people will visit your site if they find your website helpful and amusing. If you build a right social media strategy and put your blog on right places, the more you will earn from this technique.

  • Try to post more and more helpful and engaging stuff that will allow the users to comment more on your site's topic.
  • Create you appearance in all major social- media websites and link your blog to them. This way people will able to see your website and ultimately you will get a lot of traffic.
  • Post more and add new stuff that the users are more fond of.
  • Try to update your posts and create new ones twice a week and keep sharing them on social media websites. Add your pages to as many networking sites as you can to enhance your blog popularity.
  • Add social media website button to your homepage so that people can easily click them and like you page.
  • Also try to edit your old posts and as soon as they are ready, post them.
  • Try to build more audience on social media.
  • Use browser extensions or other powerful SEO tools to save time while sharing on social media.
  • You can also add you page links to other websites if they allow you to so, but this can cost you sometimes.
Use the following social media websites to post your blog on as these are must.

  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • StumbleUpon
  • LinkedIn
  • Technorati
  • Digg

Unlike putting an ad in a newspaper which can have a limited audience, you can easily share your blog in social media websites as everyone today are using them. By engaging with people and answering any questions they may have about your services or products you can build up your target audience very quickly, generating leads and driving traffic to your website. Social media has real business value.

Almost every website invites the visitor to view their Facebook and Twitter pages and encourages them to leave a comment or a tweet. If your website does not have easy access buttons for visitors to “Like” your site on Facebook or “Tweet” your site to Twitter you are missing out on the opportunity to get free and effortless recommendation of your business to their friends.

2.Post Quality and Regular Content:

As mentioned in my earlier blog, content is king. The more effective information you post, the number of visitors increases on your website. You should try to put more and more attractive content and blog regularly. This maintains your presence in the blogosphere. 

The best of the contents you post, the more number of users visit your website to find useful information.If a user ever visits your site once and if he likes your website, then he can also bookmark your site for later use to find information on a topic that interests him. These visitors are the much needed, you can also say as, much needed assets that gradually increase your website traffic.

The more traffic you get, the early you get approved for adsense. Do not copy and paste anything or a souse from any other website as this is strictly dealt with adsense. Engage yourself in the blogosphere by posting and updating content regularly.

3.Give Attention To Website Theme And Content:

A website theme and content determines the quality of the supremacy of one blog over the other blog. Blogs with a brilliant theme,awesome content and a proper navigation system are usually preferred by the users and you can also see them on Google page one only, if you are searching something related to your blog. Blogs that a scary appearance, poor content, no navigation system are usually rejected by the users and are also not approved by Google Adsense.

Choose a theme that usually matches with your blog, about what you are writing. Like, if you are creating a blog on Food, and you choose a travel theme, then it does not make sense. Try and choose the best theme that suits your blog the most.

Design a simple and easy to use navigation system that makes easy for the users to navigate and search for topics that interests them the most.If you don't have a proper navigation system, it becomes really difficult for the users to search your blog and that ultimately results in a loss of traffic, that is also a loss for you.

You can also engage yourself with the time taken by your blog to load or open. If your blog takes a lot of time to open, then also users can dislike your site. So try and make the loading time of your page a little fast as then the people would be able to navigate through your site fastly. There are various tools on the web that can check your page load timing and the performance of your blog frequently. One example of such kind of a software is Pingdom Pageload Checker that can also check your blog and show the analysis of your blog.

Post regular and unique content so that people all over the world only use your website if they want to search a topic that is there in your blog.

4.Add and Optimize Social Media Sharing Buttons:

As explained earlier, Social media is one of the best way of increasing website traffic. Adding social media buttons to your website allows the user to easily share the stuff. You can place the social media buttons anywhere on your blog. But you need a certain best placement to place these buttons so that the people can easily share your stuff along with other people. Search for the best eye catching place of your buttons.

You can also create your own social media pages for your blog so that people can like or tweet on your blog and your websites's traffic increases. Everybody uses social media today and if they find something on your page that interests them, they ultimately visit your site and this way your website traffic increases. You can make brilliant pages for your blog on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and share them along with other people.

You can put your social media buttons on the top of your page, at the bottom where your content finishes, between the content, on the side, anywhere you want but it should be eye-catching.

You can also add an inspirational text below the buttons like:

"Found this article helpful??One of your friend's might be waiting for this.."
"Share this post and help your friends.."

You can also add a sentence of your own choice. But it should be worth that everyone who visits your site likes to share it among other people. You can also change the colours of your button and set them according to your needs depending on what basis you want to set.

How to Add Social Media Buttons to the Top of your Blogger Posts:

1. In your Blogger Dashboard click on “Template” in the left menu. (If you’re using the old interface, you will need to click “Design” instead.)
2. Click the “Edit HTML” button. In the window that appears, click the “Proceed” button.
3. In the window that appears, check the “Expand Widget Templates” checkbox at the top.
4. In the HTML code, find the first instance of this line of code:
(Note: This line of code appears multiple times throughout your template. The number of times this appears varies depending on your template.)
5. Paste the code from BloggerSentral ABOVE that line of code.
6. Click the “Save Template” button.
7. Click the “Close” button.

5. Join Other Blogs and Involve yourself into the Blogosphere:

You can also join other blogs by commenting on various blogs, joining the posts. You can also provide your website's URL on other blogs so that when people see your link, they click on it and the number of persons visiting your site increases. You can also post a tag line or a comment below your link that is catchy and makes the user to definitely click on it.

Retweeting some Tweets of top ranking / high follower bloggers, it might also make them to Retweet your tweets too. Try to make a strong presence of yours in the major social media websites. Guest post quality articles. Try to make personal contact with other blog leaders so that you can share your website's link with them. You can also post on various others blogs that are frequently visited by people if you are in contact with them.

It would be my pleasure if you will share your ideas about how to increase website traffic in the comment section below.

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