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Useful SEO Tips For Blogger

Useful SEO Tips for Blogger:

SEO is such a thing that the more you read the more you know about it and the more you keep blogging. There are a millions of bloggers today. All of them try to know whether they are a pro blogger or a newbie. You may be a brilliant writer, writing some of the best articles to read with unique features, but still you need to know about it as it is such a thing that will always remain in contact
with a blogger. Many new tips and practices are carried out everyday and we all bloggers need to be updated and know about it. So now i am going to explain some of the useful SEO tips that will help our bloggers.

Blog Name:

Blog name matters a lot sometimes when readers want to know a particular thing. You might be providing the relative information but if your blog name is not common and eye-catching, then you be surely getting into a trouble. If your blog name is difficult and very much unique, then also you might get into some kind of a trouble.

So before deciding a blog name, you must follow these steps:

  • Your blog name should be different form others but common  so that it is easy for the readers to easily know and navigate your website.
  • It should with your blog niche. This means that your blog name should be such that it should be common and match with the content of the website you have created.
  • It must be something unique, eye-catching, and very common with the readers.      

Post Heading:

Post heading plays a major role in determining what you have written in your article. IF you have written about PC and gave the title softwares, then it will definitely not work. You must think of a suitable post heading and then start writing about it. This technique will always hep you and will never fail. 

  • Your post heading should be post related.
  • It must be something unique and new and eye-catching so that the reader quickly navigated through it.
  • It should be SEO friendly tag. 
Social Networking: 

Social networking has become today's trend. Popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ have become a hub for young bloggers and all. So if your contact and connection with these sites are not adequate, then you might get into some kind of a trouble. Today, SEO takes priority on how much time you take for posting a new post and sharing it. Writing late posts and taking time to share them shows the sign of weak blogger.  For achieving this,  you might have to include some Social share buttons on your website so that it becomes easy for the reader to have a quick look at you post and immediately share it.    

  • Try and share as much articles as you can.
  • Share articles on top social networking sites.
  • Get interacted and stay connected with social networking all the time to immediately share a post as soon as you write it.    
Image Optimization:

Blog's image also sometimes  helps to know about the blog. Your blog must contain some of the best images that usually allows the user to land on your website again and again. So you must try and should go for SEO friendly image. If you make that possible, then it will make your blog more popular than ever before.


Your blog should always contain a sitemap that helps the reader to navigate your website. Search engines also prefer to take priorityto those blogs that have an easy user friendly navigation system. A user friendly navigation system helps the reader to get to read each and every post. It also increases the user to spend more time on your blog and this also increases your traffic and your sites get indexed fast and also gets on top of ranking of Google.

I hope these tricks help you. Follow them.           

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